Friday, November 9, 2012

What's in the Stand: Not Much

These hands used to be busy.
So...It's winter (or nearly winter) and things have slowed down. A lot. Which means that there aren't nearly as many neat things to look at and work on right now. This is a huge bummer for me because I prefer to be busy and have lots of neat bikes to tinker with. Instead, I'm drinking lots of coffee, eating too many pretzels from our keg 'o pretzels, and generally getting antsy.

And thus I'm reduced to providing you with one neat thing that I saw this week, and one photo I took ages ago that I laugh at every time I see it.

The neat thing first...This is a brake-activated rear light. The black plastic bracket that you can see clamped to the brake cable between the cable housing stop and the pinch bolt has a small switch in it. When the brake is used the cable is pulled, which then pushes the switch against the bottom of the cable housing stop, and the light turns on. Pretty neat idea and fairly well executed, like a brake light for our bike, but still kind of useless. If it's daytime no one will be able to see your little brake light turn on. If it's dark out then your rear light should be on and blinking all the time, which makes a brake light rather less functional. Still kind of neat though, and I had never seen this setup before I worked on this bike.

Secondly, if your bike comes in with warnings like this taped to the handlebars, or if you have ever created a warning like this for your bike, then you have slightly larger problems than a poorly functioning brake. I'll beat the mechanic's drum once more and say unto the world: "Fix your bikes!" A barely legible piece of Scotch tape might help you out while you cruise slowly around town, but I bet that during your next panic stop you end up grabbing a whole fistful of non-functional, totally unsafe brake lever. Please...just fix your bikes.

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