Friday, September 7, 2012

What's in the Stand: Roof Racks and Garage Doors Don't Mix

If you hang out around bikes and bike shops long enough you'll hear the story of the guy who left his bike on the roof of his car as he drove into his garage and smashed his frame into very small pieces. The things is, it's not just a story but something that lots of people do very, very regularly. Not every day kind of regular, but more often than I would like to think about, and certainly more often than most bike owners would like to experience.

It's particularly sad when the bike is question is really, really nice. This example, in the form of an Orbea Diva carbon fiber road frame, falls into the "expensive" end of the bike pool. What was once your smooth riding 15-pound steed is now so much carbon junk for the landfill. It makes my heart hurt to see this.Please don't let this happen to your bike.


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