Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Peralta Home

Located at 561 Lafayette Ave., San Leandro, CA. California Historical Landmark plaque number 285 is located on the front of the building.

This is one of the two remaining homes in the East Bay that were owned by the immediate descendents of the Peralta family, recipients of the original land grant from the Spanish crown. This is also the first brick house ever built in Alameda County, completed in 1860, and designed and constructed by W.P. Toler, a San Francisco based architect. The house was originally owned by Ignacio Peralta, son of Don Luis Maria Peralta, who had received the Rancho San Antonio in 1820 and had then divided the land amongst his four sons.

The house is beautifully restored and is a treat if you like Spanish Colonial or 19th century architecture. It's also located in a great part of San Leandro (did I just write that? But really, there is a neat part of San Leandro) that has lots of historic buildings and some important historical landmarks that relate to the East Bay. Just down the street from the Peralta Home there are monuments to the Rancho San Antonio, the De Anza Expedition, the Estudillo home, and a collection of other privately owned 19th-century buildings.

Getting There By Bike...
Take the BART to San Leandro. When you leave the building, cross San Leandro Blvd., hang a right on Estudillo Ave., and the turn left on Hays St. Cruise through the City of San Leandro Root Park and check out the monuments and plaques located in its center. Turn left on E. 14th St. and then another left on Dutton. The house will be slightly to the right of where Dutton dead ends.
This is an easy ride, and incorporates a good number of historical sites packed into a small distance. I had a lot of fun with this area, though I did get chased by a small dog for a block or two.

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